Introducing the All-New Whiplash Dashboard

It's been years in the making, and it's finally here! The new Whiplash dashboard delivers a clean, modern look while handling critical daily tasks like checking order statuses, modifying orders, seeing inventory levels, and more. Introducing: Filters Filters allow you to isolate a group of orders based on their contents, destination, shipping method, and so much more. Want to see if Wednesday's orders have shipped? How about finding out what shipping methods were used for … Read More

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James Marks
03 May 2018
Announcing: Low Inventory Notifications

Since rolling out our customizable notifications feature, one of the most requested notifications has been for items with low inventory. Today we're happy to announce we've added two additional notifications: Item: low inventory Item: out-of-stock The out-of-stock notifications are sent when inventory for an item in Whiplash goes to zero. There isn't any configuration required besides subscribing to the notification via the Notifications page. The low inventory notifications are sent daily containing a list of … Read More

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Mauricio Gomes
28 February 2018
New Integration: Returnly

Here at Whiplash we are continuously looking at ways to enable the modern e-commerce retailer. To this end, we're excited to announce our newest integration in Returnly. Returnly's award-winning returns platform allows your customers to create returns and buy again with instant refunds - before even shipping their items back. Returnly Exchanges removes barriers by consolidating the returns and exchange processes, increases repurchases, builds customer loyalty and avoids lost sales. From a practical standpoint, the … Read More

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Peter Imai
16 November 2017
Introducing Our Updated Nav

Scheduled for launch Monday October 9, 2017 It looks a lot like the nav bar you know and love, but we've rearranged a few things, to make your lives a little easier. We've moved Ship Notices and Returns to their own tabs: You can now access Items with duplicate SKUs directly from the menu: We've trimmed down the Orders menu, and added a link to our advanced search tool: Don't worry, you can still access … Read More

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Mark Dickson
05 October 2017
Announcing: Expanded Notification Events

Last month we rolled out our new, customizable notifications feature. Since our launch, we've received great feedback and requests to add new notification events. Today we are expanding the list of notification events with some of our most requested events: Order created Order status changed Order paused due to insufficient inventory As with all of our events, these can be subscribed to by any member of your team via any of our supported notification methods … Read More

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Mauricio Gomes
11 September 2017