New Integration: Skubana

At Whiplash we do our best to let our customers lead our development roadmap, tackling the issues that arise for today's modern e-commerce retailers. In line with this approach is our most recent platform integration: Skubana.

As omni-channel is moving from the ideal to the norm, retailers need increasingly robust solutions to help monitor and administer their different sales channels, all in one place. Skubana - dubbed, 'Cognitive Commerce' - looks to do just that.

For Whiplash customers, this now opens up channels like,, ebay, and others.

You can see a more comprehensive listing of this integration's functionality here.

Currently, this requires a manual install from one of our techs, so if you have a Skubana Account you'd like to connect, drop us a line.

Tell us what platforms you want to see us integrate with next, here.

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Peter Imai
22 May 2017