Announcing: Customizable Notifications

Customizable Notifications has been one of our most requested features and we’re excited to announce its release it today. In its previous form, Notifications was a fairly rigid piece of functionality. You had a main point of contact on your account - and any and all notifications were sent to this email. For some, this worked fine. For many of you, however, you wanted more control over who received what. It makes sense. The … Read More

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Mauricio Gomes
31 July 2017
New Integration: Skubana

At Whiplash we do our best to let our customers lead our development roadmap, tackling the issues that arise for today's modern e-commerce retailers. In line with this approach is our most recent platform integration: Skubana. As omni-channel is moving from the ideal to the norm, retailers need increasingly robust solutions to help monitor and administer their different sales channels, all in one place. Skubana - dubbed, 'Cognitive Commerce' - looks to do just that. … Read More

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Peter Imai
22 May 2017
Announcing: Report Issue

At Whiplash, we want to make it right when things don't go to plan. To that end, we're introducing a new feature called Report Issue to make it easier than ever to report a problem. For any order, you'll now be able to report a problem directly in the app. Did the order arrive damaged, or was the packaging material not what you'd prefer? You'll briefly describe the problem, and pending our verification, we'll issue … Read More

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James Marks
14 May 2017
Whiplash Goes Canada

We've been working hard to get this ready - and many of you have been asking about this - so we’re excited to announce our newest facility outside of Montreal in Quebec. Retailers with a Canadian customer base can benefit from shipping directly in a number of ways: Customs fees are paid once. Instead of paying customs on each individual shipment (direct-to-consumer), a customs fee is paid once to get the goods into the … Read More

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Peter Imai
07 April 2017
New Integration: Stitch Labs

Our newest integration, Stitch Labs, has been a crowd-pleaser out of the gate. Long-anticipated, the Stitch Labs <> Whiplash integration opens up a myriad of options for multi-channel selling. Stitch Labs = Multi-channel Selling With a Stitch labs layer on top of the Whiplash Network, you now have access to over 35 integrations, including EDI connections and marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay. As shown in the diagram above, Stitch Labs sits in between the various … Read More

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Peter Imai
29 March 2017